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17 June
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Ripley hasn't been online much, he has been spending his days in front of the heater with his brother who is having a battle with cancer.

Yes, he does all his own typing.

It's the only Live Journal that makes any sense.
Zachary "Spokker Jones" Gutierrez
18 January 2004, Something Awful

What can I say? Stunningly eloquent. If you only read one LiveJournal today, read this one.
Alden Bates
22 January 2004, geekus computerus

One cat which lives at American State of California hits the direct keyboard and blow well!
Kim three Hyug
17 April 2004, eRun news (via Babel Fish)

Ripley now has a wish list! (First name ripley, last name the cat.)

And he is on catster